Traditional Industry Experience:

Our methodology comes from our experience in traditional corporate analysis which we have adapted and tailored for cryptocurrencies. Our reports are impartial and reviewed by multiple experienced analysts to ensure an accurate evaluation of project. Before release, we provide the project’s team with the opportunity to fact-check the report and comment on any areas of disagreement. The final word on amendments to the report remains with our analysts to ensure objective due diligence for our clients.

Crypto Industry Approach: 

Spero Research takes great care in our due diligence. Our rigorous evaluative processes allows us to identify projects that truly have the potential to flourish – and also highlight those which may not. Tokens are screened using quantitative and qualitative factors catered to cryptocurrencies, and with a business-minded perspective from our experienced team – all with experience working within professional services industries. Professionalism, integrity and quality are all part of the Spero brand and ethos.

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Preliminary Analysis

Preliminary analysis is one of the most important phases we undertake to ensure we only analyse and track high quality coins.

Some of the qualitative factors that are considered are value proposition & strength of business idea; quality of the code; integrity of the project; and community engagement.

Some of the quantitative factors that are considered are initial funding, coin volatility; project inception date and market capitalization.

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Spero Interviews

Once a token has been chosen, our team deep-dives into the project to fully understand and produce a report that is accurate and authoritative. This includes an in-depth interview with the founders and/or other members of the team. This is crucial and a defining feature of Spero's due diligence research, as we believe the team is one of the most important factors in a successful project.

On top of that, we regularly catch up with the teams for updates to maintain a relationship with the progress and keep our networks informed.

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Spero Power Rating

At the end of our analysis, Spero's team schedules a final meeting for a "Power Rating" discussion, to discuss the magnitude of the 6 pillars for the coin.

The 6 pillars that we define a coin by are its Potential,its Practicality, its Future, whether it is Differentiated in the market, its overall Quality, and its Team.

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SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is an instrumental framework in value based management and strategy formulation to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for a particular company.

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